About Us

Who we are

We are a sustainability and environmental management consultancy that provides support to Canadian organizations. We are based out of Manitoba, Canada and have been fortunate enough to support clients across Canada in a variety of sectors.

Why we do it

We believe that organizations have a right to generate wealth by producing and selling goods or delivering services. We also believe that organizations have a responsibility and opportunity to take measures to limit the negative impact of their activities and maximize the positive impact of their activities. We understand that the level of knowledge, investment and capacity needed to address impacts varies greatly from organization to organization and sector to sector. Our role is to assist an organization in their efforts to address the likelihood and severity of these impacts. In other words, our job is to help organizations identify and manage risk and opportunity related to environmental and sustainability matters.

How we do it

We provide environmental and sustainability support for organizational governance, planning and management functions within companies, non-profit organizations, governments and institutions.

Our founder


Tanis Ostermann, Owner & Principal

Ms. Ostermann has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of environmental and sustainability management system development and improvement. She has led the development of corporate management systems and associated improvement initiatives. She has management, operational and consultative experience in utility, aerospace, clean-tech, academic and telecommunications sectors. She is an Environmental Professional, certified through the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board and is a trained EMS Lead Auditor. Ms. Ostermann has a Bachelor of Science in environmental toxicology and a Master of Environment focusing on the use of existing, well-functioning management systems to enhance corporate sustainability performance.